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 Delivering through Inovation

Assist Consulting has team members with strengths and the provision of revolutionized results in homecare business management, leadership, process development, marketing and financial analysis.  We view these services as navigational tools to lead you or your organization to the destination of desired results.  We take great pride in sharing our services, knowledge and commitment to excellence. 

We are also honored to have you visit our site and would be encouraged to have the benefit of communicating with you in greater detail to understand your needs or areas of concentration.  Furthermore, our clients and perspective clients view's of our organization are paramount to fulfilling our value driven efforts. Once again, thank you for your interest and allowing us the opportunity to provide assistance in the enhancement of your business or personal growth. 

Committed to You

Assist Management is an organization devoted to healthcare providers in search of solutions to enhance their business in the core areas of Operational Performance, Clinical Excellence and Market Competitiveness.

While committed to the core areas of your business, Assist Management continues to deliver on fulfilling requirements necessitated by the industry.  Enhancing educational support, providing strong clinical data, and developing strong marketable outcomes are a few of the focal needs.


Operational Navigation
  • Productivity Improvement
  • Process Re-engineering
  • Performance Assessments
  • Accounts Receivable Solutions
  • Business Planning
  • Strategic Planning
  • Profit and Loss Development                Based on Product  Mix
  • Budgeting
  • Valuation
Contractual Management
  • Operational Management
  • Marketing and Sales Management
Training and Development
  • Customer Service
  • Sales and Marketing
  • Leadership / Management
  • Team Design
  • Coaching and Mentoring
  • Patient Education Material
Sales and Marketing
  • Sales Tools
  • Managed Care
  • Customized Marketing Material
  • Market Analysis and Planning
Inventory Management
  • Warehouse Design
  • Inventory Cost Analysis
  • Product Management Solutions



Operations Management

Assist Consulting provides operations management support through several diverse approaches.  By utilization of a private consultant, your organization can secure ideas and assistance to your most powerful needs: growing the business, creating efficiencies, or simply another professional perspective on improvement of vital operations.

Assist Consulting also offers assistance by way of developing programs exclusive to your business needs. For the beginning entrepreneur or the corporate officer, Assist Consulting is available in providing navigational tools and support to take your business towards success, all under your direction and in tandem with your vision.

If your organization or venture is requiring more acute needs, then Assist Consulting can provide a contractual manager to manage your business or areas of your business under direction of your organization and bring forth the management experience that Assist Consulting offers. This is extremely beneficial in areas of new business starts, creating support without the addition of permanent staff or assistance in project developments or project management. Assist Consulting customizes it’s approach after understanding the business, the current needs and most of all the leader and their people.   Back to Top

Sales and Marketing

In today’s marketplace, instability creates an unvarying competitive movement of inconsistent threats and lucrative opportunities. Assist Consulting believes that success requires an adaptable approach and an organization that can anticipate and react within limited time of exposure to opportunities.

As a firm dedicated to the needs of the organization, we see our primary focus as working with you and your team to successfully maximize and employ your market strategy. To maximize your strategy we must first have an accurate assessment of your people, processes and marketing strategies. Our sales and marketing consultants characterize viable strengths and threats of the competition, plus performance gaps and growth potential. To assure implementation and mastery, we develop execution plans that track directly with sales performance objectives to bridge the gap between marketing strategy and sales results.

Assist Consulting believes the sales and marketing consultant's responsibility goes beyond evaluation and recommendation. A marketing consulting engagement is not complete until the client has achieved successful implementation.             Back to Top


In today’s business world, leadership is a "must-have" asset in every company. Assist is able to provide personal training and support to management and business leaders within an organization to effectively consummate team building skills or to provide another professional’s view on areas of leadership development.

Assist stands behind the principle and belief that "Managers do things right while leaders do the right thing ". At Assist, we believe in coaching and supporting the creating of high-quality leaders that can manage proficiently.    Back to Top

Logistics and Materials Management

Whether you are implementing a new product line or looking to improve your current logistical operations, Assist Consulting can bring forth many years of logistics management experience, including durable medical equipment and infusion pharmacy management. From purchasing, warehousing and distribution we can provide tools that gauge your company, department and employee's performance, to methodology of cutting-edge and preceding techniques that have proven successful for some of today’s leading companies.

Performance measurement tools are not only tools to view productivity by each employee; but will allow you to equate expense dollars and dollars each area is contributing to the organization while relating these to customer satisfaction. Assist assessments not only include audit tools that help you determine deficient areas and high productive areas; but we will exhibit how these key areas contribute to two of the most prevalent areas that impact the profit and loss of your business, labor and cost of goods sold. Once areas have been identified and recommendations made, Assist is dedicated to seeing through approved implementations that will optimize your business and its logistical support.        Back to Top

Cultural Assessments

At Assist Consulting we understand that people make the company and that this is a valued commodity amongst leaders today. Assist can provide detailed cultural assessments for your organization.

Our cultural assessments allow the employees to give honest, confidential and accurate feedback as to their opinion of the organization and management support, thus allowing the leadership to evaluate a need for change or the need to redefine the vision. Once it is determined what areas of the organization needs evaluated, Assist will prepare a precise assessment tool and compile the information into helpful analytical reports.

After the results are compiled, we will help you identify potential areas of concern as well as provide external directional support if requested. Cultural Assessments can be formatted in many different ways and are not only used to source problematic areas; but can also be used to assist you, the leader, in confirming your navigational success and provide true waypoints as a measurement towards your vision. Back to Top

Business Plans

Perhaps the most important step in any new venture or expanding an existing one is the construction of a business plan. Nevertheless, such an effort is essential if you are both, to crystallize and to focus your ideas, and to test your resolve about entering or expanding your business. There are a number of important benefits that you can expect to arise from preparing a business plan. These include testing your ideas, building your confidence, understanding your financing needs, and giving you planning experience.

At Assist we understand the principles and the importance of a properly assembled business plan. With specially trained staff and the support of our consultant team, we can prepare a business plan that satisfies your needs.      Back to Top

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